Myself and my colleague Ving were working on a big project at the beginning of our last semester as part of our final year grade. We were hoping to display this documentary at our end of year show – The CDM Degree Show. The show usually takes place in Rua Red, Tallaght at the end of May but this year it took place online on the 30th May.

Due to the outbreak of the recent pandemic COVID-19, we had to alter our plans and overall delivery of the project and do the best that we can to achieve the highest degree of work that we could considering the hurdles in place. We decided to use what we have to make a trailer for what could have been the entire documentary. This provided all the content we had filmed and given a feel for what we wanted to achieve.

We began filming for this exciting project earlier in the semester, we met 3-year-old Tristan who was being measured for his 3D printed arm and we were to capture his journey to receiving his very own 3D printed dinosaur arm. The team at 3D Assist Tallaght are incredible as all work is carried out by both students and engineering lecturers voluntarily in the college itself. All the equipment that is used to create the 3D prints has been donated by local companies.

I’m delighted to say I achieved an A grade for this piece. Watch the final video below.


As part of my final year project for my photography module, I intended to document the love between my grandparents, Connie and Brian as it was nearing their 50th wedding anniversary.

However, since beginning the project at such a late stage due to my grandparents being ill, circumstances have changed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and my grandparentshad to cocoon in isolation as they are in the vulnerable bracket of over 70s. I decided that I would document what was going on during the pandemic in my estate (all images were taken before the 2KM lockdown occured). I began to bring my camera along with me during my daily walk and capture what I feel is worth documenting.

I went on to receive an award for the series from my Photography lecturer as well as an A grade for my final year workbook.

You can view the full album on my unsplash account which you can visit here.